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Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018

Writing for Change: Engaging Audiences

The Indiana Teachers of Writing Fall 2018 Conference invites you to join the conversation in seeking to develop writers of all ages.   How can we encourage writers to participate and make change in their communities through authentic writing opportunities?


In our writing classrooms (and we include here classrooms in any discipline that include writing as a way of learning), we encourage students to influence someone’s thinking with their writing. Sometimes, we even encourage students to write for change.  We strive to help students make an effect on a particular audience through their writing. On a practical level, we may motivate students to write letters to their Representatives. On a theoretical level, we support the identities students are building as they grow and use their writing to learn who they are and how they can influence others.

As teachers of writing we hope to see our students grow into writers who use the written word to evoke emotion, reaction, understanding, and change. So how do we assist our students to identify their intended audience and actively make change and influence their communities today through their writing?

Zionsville West Middle School

For our upcoming conference, we want to know how teachers of writing (and again, this includes teachers in all disciplines and at all levels) provide opportunities for students to write to a particular audience or to grow their own ideas to influence change.

We are accepting proposals for 45-minute interactive sessions (presented by individuals or groups). This year, we are also accepting proposals for 45-minute roundtable discussions (a small group of colleagues having a professional discussion) on the conference theme. All proposals should include some element of interaction with session attendees.

ITW 2017 Roundtable

Please submit your proposal that identifies which kind of session you are proposing and clearly addresses one or more of the following questions, or that articulates some question related to the theme.

  • What does it mean to have students write for change?
  • How do you guide students through the process of learning to speak to their audience and call for action?
  • How do you help students recognize and respect each other’s voices and perspectives?
  • What issues in your local community have or could prompt a written response or conversation from your students?
  • How do you help students identify appropriate audiences?
  • How does your teaching extend or expand the voices of your students in their writing?
  • How can we encourage thoughtful dialogue and writing for our students in response to issues they experience?

The deadline for proposal submissions is June 30. ITW will notify all submitters of the selection results by August.

Upload your proposal here at ITW’s website: We are continuing to build our website content to reflect the needs of our members and visitors.

Proposals will be initially reviewed by the Indiana Teachers of Writing Board with names removed.  Board members are not allowed to submit proposals.


Committee Chair:


Ryan Batsie, Executive Director

Joe Horvath, President

April Adams, Vice-President Professional Development

Steve Fox, Vice-President External Relations

Erin Lehman, Vice-President of Finances

Nancy Butcher, Secretary

Kyle Robison, Community College Representative

Anna Cook, Administrator Representative

Amy Peddie, ENL Representative

Temeka Lomax, Secondary Representative

Carrie Gaffney, Middle Representative